United we stand



Sports and Entrepreneurship, united at last.

Athletes take on new challenges every day. Entrepreneurs compete for success on a daily basis. And both share the same spirit of struggle and improvement that makes them unique. That’s why in Shorai we have created the first Investment Club that unites active and former athletes with entrepreneurs of Sportech & Health start-ups.
This way, athletes bring knowledge and funds that impulse innovative ideas and entrepreneurs bring projects to the table to facilitate long term sports development. The union of both worlds can only have extraordinary results.


More than goals, vectors of change.

Shorai is an Investment Club in which our members are passionate about sports and new technologies, who are willing to shift everything paradigm. People who know that things can be done better and provide the means to do it through some very specific objectives:

  • Optimize resources by investing optimally in companies in the Sportech & Health sector.
  • Take on new challenges by creating amazing products and services.
  • Help the companies in which we invest, not only with capital but also with advisers and intangible resources.
  • Develop a collaboration platform for athletes and entrepreneurs in which they share knowledge and network.
  • Give back to society through sports.
  • Help athletes to successfully join the job market after retirement.


Because everything is easier with help.

We’ve all had a mentor. A special person who has helped us along the way. And that has taught us things that would have cost us years to learn on our own. A coach. A father.

A friend… Or, in this case, our team of mentors. A group with vast experience and willing to help as much as possible at different levels: strategy, commercial actions, product development, competition, legal issues, financial matters…


Talent that helps talent: The key factor.

If we add an entrepreneur’s talent to a professional athlete’s… What do we get? Without a single doubt, an unbeatable team. That’s why in Shorai we have an external consultant for each sport discipline in which we invest.
Former athletes with charisma and extensive experience that bring added value and an incredible volume of additional knowledge. They know firsthand what are the aspects to improve.
And the most interesting, they can help not only entrepreneurs but also active athletes because they already know the options of an athlete’s future and can provide two-way advise.


More than networking, Shorai is friendsworking.

More than a company, a community. That is Shorai’s philosophy. We want all Shorai members and all the people we interact with to be a great team where not only work sessions are held, but there are also bond-building events, workshops and meetings. Our main objective is to truly develop a sense of belonging in which everyone helps each other. So…

Why do networking when you can do friendsworking?


We minimize risks to maximize profits.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But risk also implies potential loss. That is why at Shorai we work with dedication to minimize the risks of each investment, meticulously selecting the projects and helping them develop with a long-term goal: maximizing profits.

Even so, start-ups are volatile, high-risk companies. It is necessary to invest small amounts of money, surplus or that can be assumed to be a loss. It should be taken into account as well that the investment is non-profitable since we are looking at medium to long-term investment – there won’t be an immediate return of investment.

In this sense, a correct diversification is fundamental to reduce the risk, a work performed by the club’s partners. We follow an investment strategy focused on the maximization of profits from the analysis and efficient management of capital.