FirstVision is a body-cameras company that allows to broadcast from the point of view of athletes and referees on TV, while offering fans the most exciting footage of the game from a previously unavailable angle.

Nowadays, we are used to seeing the on-board cameras in Formula1 or MotoGP, but what if we could see what Andrés Iniesta saw in the play of the 2010 World Cup goal? FirstVision has made history by being the first company in the world to broadcast official matches with cameras in basketball players, ice hockey, soccer, rugby, handball and in world athletics championships.

The company has been internationally honored by Intel in the "Make It Wearable" contest in 2015, and by TechCrunch and the NFL in the "1st and Future" contest on the future of sports broadcasts in 2016. FirstVision has among its investors sports stars such as Andrés Iniesta and Serge Ibaka, as well as Telefónica.

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