Footters is a digital platform so that any soccer club in the world can have their own online TV channel for free where they can broadcast all of their teams’ matches.
Footters is a powerful work tool that allows you to keep track of the details of any player, coach or club in the world, make reports, study matches and much more.
Our platform is aimed at soccer fans who want to know a different, more competitive, more exciting soccer. A real soccer, the one played in vacant lots, with spirit and values. A football full of great stories to discover and great stories to tell. A football that, until now, was practically invisible to the general public.
A revolutionary product that combines a armband full of technology with an app essential for millions of surfers around the world.

Un revolucionario producto que combina una banda llena de tecnología con una aplicación imprescindible para millones de surfistas de todo el mundo. 

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